About Us

Goals and Aims

The Westside Community Center takes the lead in opening doors for its members through educational, recreational and cultural activities. 


The mission of WCC is to educate and empower the underserved in our community.

  • Serve social and personal needs
  • Serve economic and recreational needs
  • Motivate and build character
  • Serve the aspirations of the members
  • Provide educational, cultural, social and economic programs

WCC employs an executive director, program coordinator and other staff to implement these aims and meets regularly to review and guide WCC operations. 

Who can become a member?

Membership is free. So, simply stop by the Westside Community Center to sign up and get started. 

Westside Community Center

Board Members 

Ron Tribble, President

Tiffany Lewis, Secretary

David Austin

Stephen Kucera

Verna Downing-Rogers

Richard Mitchell

Elliot Smith




Americans today must cope with greater pressures than ever. Many communities find their support structures and sense of community disintegrating, replaced by social problems and hostility among diverse groups.


Some fortunate communities, however, are discovering a renewed interdependence among their residents. They are witnessing small businesses banding together, neighbors getting to know neighbors and people from all walks of life helping each other face the daily demands of life.


Bartlesville is a prime example of such a fortunate community. One reason for this is the Westside Community Center (WCC). Founded at the end of 1950 as a center for the black community, the Center has enriched the lives of countless Bartlesville residents by encouraging self-motivation and self-reliance.


In November of 1950, K.S. Adams, then president of Phillips Petroleum Company, donated a building to house the association. The city allowed the WCC to purchase land at 9th and Oak for $1.00. Individuals in the community organized to move the building and raised money to remodel, wire and prepare the center for use.


Since then, the Westside Community Center has been an integral part of the community. A place where people gather to laugh, listen, learn and lean on each other when necessary.


Today, the WCC takes the lead in opening doors for its members through educational, social, recreational and cultural activities. Although the center primarily serves minorities, low-income families, senior citizens and children who reside in the western sector of Bartlesville, membership is open to anyone who wishes to join and benefit from WCC programs.



501 S. Bucy Avenue
Bartlesville, OK 74003

(918) 336-6760

Open Mon-Fri

9:00 AM to 6:00 PM